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What do you use for an MP3 player on your 6000? Now that we have 1Gb+ SD cards I'd really like to be able to save and restore playlists. Even sorting by Artist would be nice. What does everyone use? I tried that Sharp musicplayer app and it was very unstable on the 6000. Looking at tkcPlayer - does anyone use it?

The newest Sharp music player (initially for the 3000) is by far the best looking of all MP3 players, but it's limited by support (as in, you're lucky to get it play anything that isn't MP3) and stability.

Kino 2 over an mplayer base exhibits too much weird behavior for me to find it at all useful. Flickering toolbars, painted screen. So I stick with zplayer (also over mplayer), which handles just about anything I throw at it, organise playlists, and can read basic MP3 tags. The only minor drawback is browsing and spontaneous listening: everything has to be added to a playlist.

To put it briefly, then: I use zplayer. (Looks like there are lots of new testing versions to play with!)

I would kiss the feet of the developer who could create an MP3/OGG/AAC player for the Z that could reliably read IDv3 2.4 tags and display cover art. But I think that's asking too much.
I also have a 6000, and I have had problems with zplayer, but not with kino2. So it may depend on what else you have installed, or maybe which version kino2 or mplayer you have, as to which works better for you. It may also depend on which rom you are using. I am using the default Sharp rom.
I've been looking for alternatives for awhile too. A very nice potential candidate is PyTone. Key features that make it attractive for the Z are:
- python based
- curses interface
- configurable use of external players

It has several other nice features -- see it here
So far, however, I haven't been able to run the setup script using mickeyl's python packages. sad.gif

I've asked mickeyl for a missing python-devel package for the Sharp rom, so hopefully it will be available soon. Cacko users *may* have better luck installing it.
QUOTE(eji @ Jan 31 2006, 12:06 PM)
To put it briefly, then: I use zplayer. (Looks like there are lots of new testing versions to play with!)

Hey thanks for the link to zplayer! I have been using tkcPlayer for a couple of years, and it has always been more than I really wanted (I was happy with xmms just playing directories, but the Qt version doesn't get along with my SL-6000).

I am playing zplayer right now, and although one has to create a play list (which tkcPlayer also requires), it does very nice power management (read: doesn't fall asleep while playing, something that tkcPlayer does intermittently, and is very irritating).

And since it uses mplayer in the background, it plays my Oggs (which is the format I rip all of my purchased CDs into).

Thanks again for the tip.

I use Sharp's Music Player and haven't had problem's with it.
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