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Full Version: Mounting Usb Dev On Sl6000l
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hi there!
I own a usb mini type A adapter for my zaurus.
now I wanted to use my usb2.0 creative Muvo with it... after inserting the device anything sems ok.. (muvo brightens up) but I can not find the root of this device... i browsed the whole zaurus, but none.

do I have to mount it? which is the correct sintax?
thanks a lot!
I've had trouble getting my 6000 to see devices over 2GB.

Type this in the terminal:

mount -t vfat /dev/sda1/ mnt/usbstorage

... and to unmount:

umount /mnt/usbstorage
After I responded, I remembered correctly that I'd had some trouble mounting my camera -- not 2GB+ drives -- a while back, so I hunted around for more info on the OE forums and elsewhere.

First, there has to be a /dev/sda entry in etc/fstab. After I completely messed up my Z, I had reflashed the ROM to the "Grant clan" original and lost the /dev/sda1 entry. Which is why I was having problems (i.e., "no dev/sda1 in etc/fstab" errors) earlier.

There's a good tutorial here (text search for "usbstorage"), which also gives some quick automount modifications that will work on the 6000. I still can't mount my wife's iPod because I think it's HFS+ formatted. But my camera mounts automatically now.

Attached as "" are the three files as I've modified them.

- Put "usb-storage" and "" in etc/hotplug/usb/
- Replace your old fstab file (in etc/fstab -- rename or back it up first!) with this one.
- Then chmod both files as su: #chmod 755 /etc/hotplug/usb/usb-storage and #chmod 755 /etc/hotplug/usb/

... now your Muvo should mount automatically. You should see it appear under the "Files" tab at the same level as SD and CF cards.

Please let me know if it works so I can rest easy or edit the files accordingly.
I followed yor instructions and I'm finally enjoying my muvo on the zaurus! I find it very useful! So.. thank you very much for your help!

Now I'm gonna put the files you attached biggrin.gif
I'll let you know ...

----------EDIT: UPDATE!! ------------

It works very good on my Zaurus!!
auto mount in /mnt/usbstorage and icon in the tab!
auto umount as well!!

Great work! biggrin.gif

Asap I'll try with other devices..
I will let you know!

thanks a lot Eji! wink.gif
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