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Full Version: Soft-case For Clamshells
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I know I am not the first to use a Nintendo DS case, but I don't recall ever seeing any mention of a model number anyone may have used.

Here is the one I use:


They have red, black (I wanted, sigh)

They have red, black (which I wanted sad.gif ), some lime green color, a baby blue and a gray that I have seen.

Here is the inside:

The game slots are not big enough for CF cards unfortunately, so it isn't 'perfect' but you can put SD cards there. Of course, with some scissors, thread, and needle one could remedy this smile.gif

It has a space behind thse slots where I can put my car charger, remote, and/or AC charger.

My SL-C3100 fits snugly and securely in the elastic strap, and there is room to leave a Wifi or Bluetooth card that sticks out in the unit while in the case.

Oh, I lied, I just stuffed a type-I CF card into one of the game pockets, but I will say that it is a very tight fit, and you risk damage to the pocket and I doubt you can put another CF card on either side of it.

I paid something like $8 or so plus tax at Wal-Mart. Sure, it isn't sleek, executive leather, but it gets the job done and is reasonably small in size smile.gif The actual case I use for my DS is twice the size of it blink.gif

Mine is black:
Cool, thanks. I've been eyeing up the DS holders since people have started posting about using them.

I use a Gameboy holster style holder:

It's a Dave Mirra GB holder that has no room for anything but the Z, but I like how the wide strap covers the CF slot, which is usually empty on mine. I carry a CF ethernet and CF wireless in each of my suit, inner breast pockets.
hmmm, I am going to look into that, small, portable and yet hidden...
QUOTE(km2783 @ Feb 6 2006, 11:26 AM)
Here is the one I use:


That's the one I use, too, in solid black.

I put my CF network cards in the pocket along with a small USB mouse and a JumpDrive SD to USB adapter.

I put SD cards, a small USB hub and a USB adapter in the elastic card slots.

I keep my AC adapter underneath the Zaurus.

Tight fit, but everything does fit, and it's compact and easy to carry.
I use a Kodak camera case for my c700, like this:

I've picked up an ECGO EP00-22 from JourneyGear. Journey Gear Cheap, $20 Canadian at a luggage store in the mall across the street. Neoprene, 2 compartments for the camera card and the network and other cards, as well as earphones, and it all fits ... the 860 is a bit loose in it, it would probably take a slightly larger clamshell with no problems. cool.gif
ha. i just use a psion revo case (yepp, original psion) i found here at home (my revo is just a museum stuff anyway). a little bigger in length but very nice.. yeah room for cf wifi / bluetooth sticking out of the zaurus smile.gif i can even stuff a few cards in it as well.
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