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Full Version: Audio Problems On Sl-6000l
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When trying to running VOIP apps with full duplex audio, the quality is really choppy. There may be other causes but I'm wondering if this Z supports full duplex audio.

The audio hardware (WM9712) appears to support full duplex, but I'm wondering if there are problems with the kernel or driver. The SNDCTL_DSP_SETDUPLEX ioctl does not appear to be supported by /dev/dsp. Can anyone confirm whether this should work?
I can only say that full duplex under PdaXrom using kphone was fine on my 6000.
Hmm, thanks, I'm using Sharp ROM.
QUOTE(amacbeth @ Feb 6 2006, 04:05 PM)
Hmm, thanks, I'm using Sharp ROM.

I have had good experiences with Kphone, and poor ones. I suspect it is your connection, rather than the audio chip. BTW, my best experiences with Kphone on my SL-6000 have been with a direction connection (read: wired with a CF ethernet card) rather than wireless. There is additional latency with wireless which make the connection less pleasant (in my experience).

I hope this helps,

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