Hi, I made a post on a similar topic a couple of weeks ago, so decided to try a different method.

I installed the xqt-debian-jumbo-lite package on my 5500 (running the tcK rom) to main memory, then ran the install script to install the zaurus-debian-jumbo tarball onto a fresh 512MB SD card.

Now, because I never have managed to get the USB networking working properly (I can SSH between the Z and my Mac, but can't access the internet from the Z.), I commented out the lines in the install script to update the apt sources - otherwise it would just hang.

Everything seems OK, but when I run 'xlaucher debian' it brings up the X server, but a few seconds later crashes back to the terminal - no error messages.

Is it vital to go through the 'apt sources' step ?

Otherwise, I'm stumped.