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Full Version: Solar Power Charger For Zaurus
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anyone has experience using solar power charger for Zaurus?

i have a C1k
i don't think it works with USB charging like the previous c7x0 series
how abuot this one?
Brando workshop sells a solar charger that works well and is cheap:

(it works for zaurus, at they have the same connectors and power demands as the PSP)

That sounds very good. Did you already test it with your zaurus?
If all works fine I would appreciate it if you send us a short status.

I discover the charger for 3 weeks but I 'm not sure if it really works with the zaurus although on some sides they say it should also work with. I do not want to risk anything because the zaurus is too expensive.

I have this. I bought it for a Casio E100 a few years back. It works exactly as advertised with a Casio.

I tested it with an Ipaq also but it didn't charge.

I could test it with the Zaurus and let you know.


Yes, the CF101-A charges a C3100. The orange light stays solid when the Z is turned off and pulses(flashes) when the Z is on, and pluged into the solar charger.
on my next camping trip we will be trying to save a bit of money by camping and doing our own cooking. One of the downsides of this is that we probably won't have a ready supply of electricity to recharge anything. Since there are quite a few things I would like to be able to recharge I decided to do some research and see what might be practical.The first priority was a phone charger because I want to be able to speak to Hel while she is traveling France on her own. She bought a wind up charger just in case but it is quite noisy, heavy and very tedious. Most phones, ours included, need 5 volts to charge. Because my Zaurus (cross between a PDA and a laptop) also needs 5V so this setup would keep me programming on our travels too.There are several commercially available solar chargers, such as the Solio or Freeloader that would do the trick. I bought a Solio a while back and was very disappointed as it came with a voucher for a free charging tip which not only took several months to arrive but didn't come with the cable necessary to use it. After spending £50 and waiting for months I had hoped to have something that could at least be used for something, anything really. I eventually took the plunge and ripped apart the iPod cable that did come with it and put it to some use but I'm still not impressed.
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