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silencer51 Greek. sad.gif

It's not such a big deal for me (English has become my primary language tongue.gif ) but there are certain forums etc. that require replies in Greek. That's something I can't do with my Z, even though I can read Greek just fine (I have some unicode fonts installed).

Is there a way to add Greek as an input language? And is there a way to configure X to switch from English to Greek through a keyboard shortcut (like Alt+Shift in Windoze)?

Thanks in advance!
I just wanted to ask: what fonts do you use? I have to read texts in Russian and English (containing somewith scientific terms in Greek) using Firefox, and there I cannot make out capital Greek letters, though most of other letters are displayed fine. Instead of problematic letters I just see squares with numbers (their codes maybe?) I think that's a problem with font. E.g.: I have a text written in Russian (Win-1251) with Greek sentence "ἐν θεωρίᾳ μόνῳ". In Windows (Netscape, Firefox) it displays fine, but on Z (Firefox) ἐ, ᾳ and ῳ (even non-capital!) are substituted with codes, making the Greek text a little hard to read and understand.
I have installed all the webfonts from the feed and also the unicode fonts package from (Zaurus App List).

Both Firefox and Dillo show everything fine...
I think it should be possible to add a greek keyboard using what has been done for
russian etc (mb-applet-keymap-russian ..) as a basis.

greek locales and greek fonts (iso-8859-7) could help also.

If I find some time and motivation....
Has anyone here succeeded in displaying greek characters in a terminal? I have tried rxvt/aterm/xterm/gtkterm with many different fonts and encodings (LANG=el_GR.UTF-8 etc.), but without luck.

In firefox, dillo and thunderbird I can see greek characters without problem.
Any ideas?
maybe you need the greek locales?
That was it. Thanks pgas for your work. I installed the glibc packages you built, and gtkterm2 from the feed, and now I can see greek characters in the terminal (in gtkterm). Great!

Now it remains to find a way to input greek characters...
(and I think the locale-related glibc packages should be part of the official feed)
Henry, check out the Greek OESF section in the forums... Nickg78 has made a greek keymap file (greek.xmodmap) which you can copy to /etc/X11/kb and evoke using "xmodmap /etc/X11/kb/greek.xmodmap". To turn back to english, do the same using akita.xmodmap. :-)

You can even add shortcuts for these commands, or even map them to a couple of hardware buttons... ;-)
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