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Full Version: Nvidia Launches Goforce 5500
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NVIDIA says GoForce 5500 will give high-def video and images, 10 megapixel camera support, and PlayStation-level 3D

NVIDIA today has announced a new addition to its GoForce family of mobility GPUs called the GoForce 5500. Aimed squarely at gamers on the move, the GoForce 5500 brings advanced features that were previously unavailable to the handheld market.  Besting even ATI's top Imageon processors, the GoForce 5500 delivers features not found anywhere else.

The company says that with the GoForce 5500, gamers can experience Quake 3 equal to that of the original PlayStation and even display high-definition resolution (1024x768) on a device such as a cell phone. Considering that most mainstream phones don't even produce resolutions over 320x240, this is an indication that future cell phones will be able to produce images and quality equal to or better than that of Sony's PSP.

GoForce 5500 focuses mainly on video decoding/encoding and 3D acceleration. Bringing a few firsts to the table, NVIDIA says that the GoForce 5500 is the first mobility GPU to be able to playback H.264, WMV9 and MPEG4 (DivX/Xvid) in real time at native DVD resolutions. NVIDIA didn't offer any figures on how games will be running on the new chip but indicated that customers can experience up to 3 times the performance compared to existing 3D accelerated handhelds.

Not to leave digital photography aside, NVIDIA's new GPU also gives us a clue as to where cell phones will be headed in terms of photography features. The GoForce 5500 is designed to handle up to a whopping 10-megapixel image size which is more than twice the resolution needed to print out decent 13"x19" large prints.

NVIDIA states that cell phones and other similarly small devices will be incorporating the new GoForce 5500 and be available for purchase in time for the 2006 holiday season.

you can find it here and here is a better and larger description.
so it is one step forward to see quake 3 and half life running on the Zaurus inclusive high quality 640x480 vids biggrin.gif
The inferior 200mhz Tapwave Zodiac running Palm OS 5 with a 320x480 res screen and ATI graphics out performs my overclocked SL-C1000 as for video. The Zodiac's ATI chip has hardware mpeg decoding. Oh it performs beautifully biggrin.gif Beats any 400mhz Palm OS device.
The Zodiac's ATI chip has hardware mpeg decoding.

So does the c7x0's, unfortunately we don't have any example code to show us how to use this and some of the other hw acceleration functions of the ATi Imageon w100 (iDCT, motion compensation, QCif/Cif decode @ 30fps, etc.).

Which makes me think - how well does the standard Sharp Media player work? I wonder if it uses these acceleration functions (and therefore whether it could be pulled apart to work out how to use these functions)?

Apart from the fact that's it's against License Agreement?

Do we have any members who are already wanted for computer hacking crimes and could therefore safely diassemble it?
in the event that you actually did get one fitted to a Zaurus it should be noted that NVidia (amongst others) are particularly reluctant to release full hardware details or driver source to developers - preferring to use blobs.... some companies (not necessarily NVidia of course) cite the driver architecture and hardware specs as Intellectual Property - whereas a percentage of these possibly don't give details because the drivers may contain workarounds to flaws within the product.
This thing shouldnt be any harder than the 2700g to add, on the 2700g there is only one pin and the avalibility of chips (intel and other big companies dont ship samples sad.gif)

if you can get me a data sheet i can tell you if its posible and tell you what you need but without a driver its not worth the work, with the intel chip there are some details that could be used to make a driver but so far the x50v people havent got one

for the ATI chipset, yes i can get you code, look up betaplayer, he has code for ATI and intel chips and the code is open, at one point he was looking at getting the code to run under linux and i am sure if someone looked at it they could port it or port the decoding routines to mplayer (he compiles with the gnu toolsets for a start), the code fully takes into acount the sram caches and has been hand tuned, this and the new overlays would be quite nice
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