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Full Version: Gaim Missing Library.
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I am following meanies instructions to creat an additional cramfs with gaim on it for X/qt but I can't figure out which package in the xqt feed containes

It seems that that library should already be included in xorg but it's not. I already satisfied the other dependancies mentioned in the gaim ipk file but this lib isn't listed.

Where is
Ok, can someone help me out here? I found that the xfree package contains so I added it to my gaim cramfs image and re-ran the linking script. But is nowhere to be found on my system. In the cramfs it is under:
where is that linked in the zaurus filesystem? Gaim still can't find this lib.

EDIT: OK, I solved it finally. Just a matter of chasing down deps.

It works, does anyone know what I need to get it to support aim, msn, icq, jabber, and yahoo protocols? All it has is gadu-gadu, irc, napster, and zephyr. blink.gif
I started gaim in debug mode and got a lot of errors:
undefined symbol: g_return_if_fail_warning

Are these to do with glib? A lot of plugins failed to load because of this error.

Also, when I closed gaim it gave this error:
Glib: file ghash.c: line 557 (g_hash_table_foreach): assertion `hash_table != NULL' failed

Can someone please help me out with this? What am I still missing?
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