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Full Version: Most "alive" Rom/image For The Sl5500 Right Now?
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hi all .. i recently dug my sl5500 out of the closet and booted it up to find that the old OpenZaurus 3.1 setup i had on it wasn't gonna work without the pilfered SD card that used to be in it no more, so .. i'm looking for suggestions about what to boot on this happy little sl5500 now? i'd like to put it to use for interesting things .. okay, so its gotten a lot less attention since i got a few GP2X's around, but .. along those lines .. whats a good distro for the sl5500 right now?

anything with emu pkg's easy to install?

i've got a WLAN card for it too (old Sony Clie one) and it works, and i could put a 256 SD card in it .. any particular suggestions about how to set it up these days for 'easy/general use'? 64/0, /home on SD? is cacko the only decent image for doing this ...
I would install OpenZaurus 3.5.4 on it - we will release it in next week(s). You will get WiFi out-of-box, OPIE/GPE to choose, 64-0 kernel available, possibility to move /home/ to SD (or even whole rootfs).

OZ 3.5.4 is planned for FOSDEM (which is next weekend).
okay .. thats great, i'll give it a try .. one thing though, if openzaurus is alive, how come the domain isn't working? glad to see OZ is alive, but i don't get that impression from the web presence much any more .. or am i just going to the wrong place?
standard problem with dns and cash ;( will work always anyway
QUOTE(Hrw @ Feb 17 2006, 09:31 AM)
standard problem with dns and cash ;( will work always anyway

So when is the full release of OZ 3.5.4 or due to happen? It doesn't appear on the mirrors as of the 15th of March. I'm curious, since I haven't had a working version of any ROM on my SL-5500 for quite a while now. I haven't touched it in about 6-8 months, and I couldn't get it to sync to a machine running SuSE 9.3 (or more recently 10.0), or access the repositories online.

Also, does the package manager work properly on the new ROM? Would I be able to set up the mirrors as sources?

current status is: 20.03.2006

as this thread is about SL-5500 and I cant find any images for the SL-5500 (Collie) under the link posted ( on the homepage of openzaurus ( I'm wondering if I missed something. huh.gif

Which image should be used for the SL-5500 (Collie) ??

Hrw is listed in 'Downloads' section

I think that we need put somewhere on side current release infos.
I'm running zaurus rom 3.1 on a SL-5500 and I'm planning to move to OZ in the near future. I need help deciding a couple of things.

Which GUI do you recomend OPIE or GPE? I know OPIE is inspirede on the original sharp GUI which I find nice but I'm not afraid trying a new one. Is GPE fully operational? Will apps run seamlessly on either one?

I have a 1gb sd and I would like to move all my apps and stuff to the sd card. Toady (in the original rom) i dont have any space left on the internal store for any other app. Do you recomend moving the hole root to the card and using the hole 64 mb for rom?

GPE apps WILL NOT work on QT based (Opie, Qtopia) systems. GPE is based on a cut down X-server with a built in Windowmanager, Matchbox.
GPE gives you access to stuff like Firefox, Thunderbird, (Although all old versions) as well as Gommunicator, and any other X apps that have been ported |shrugs| look at the feeds, or pdaXrom feeds.

OPIE gives you access to all the old apps that you're used to.
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