I just got a Sharp camera CE-AG06. There was software for it on the CD that came with the C860 (qpe-camera-ja_1.5.0-8_arm.ipk) which installs and runs fine but fails to detect the camera. First the CF icon on the taskbar would show but the camera software complained and asked me to insert the camera. Now when I insert the camera the CF icon does not show anymore. I also tried to install sharp-camera-support_2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix-r4_husky.ipk but nothing happens, as far as I can tell it doesn't even install. In case it's not clear from the sig, I am using the Sharp ROM.

Before anybody says that the camera is bad, I installed the same software (qpe-camera) on my SL5000D with the Cacko-Crow ROM and it works fine. The CF slot is working on the C860. The camera feels kind of loose on the slot though, it goes in and out too easy.

Any suggestions?



EDIT: I installed the sharp-camera on top of the qpe-camera, rebooted, did some voodoo, inserted the card, nothing happend at first but after 30s the card got recognized and the camera works!

By the way, it's available on Amazon for $35.