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Full Version: Cacko/qtopia Network Applet And /etc/pcmcia Files
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I was setting up WPA on cacko 1.23 on my SL-C860 and edited the /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng.opts file, and changed the names of some of the configurations to make them more consistent.

I noticed that the changes were not reflected when I next ran the qtopia/cacko network configuration applet.

Where does the config applet store the settings? I need to re-fix things to ensure consistency, as something's gone wrong and I can't get the WEP keys and WPA keys I used to work any more.

I stumbled apon them whilst looking for something else...

Each connection setting is stored in its own file in /home/zaurus/Applications/Network/modules

Thus, if you fiddle with a file in one place, you need to be sure to keep the /etc/pcmcia files consistent.

Moral: if you use a GUI for configuration, keep using it, and only tweak the config files if absolutely necessary. As far as I can see, the only time you need to do this is to turn on WPA.
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