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Full Version: Problems flashing OZ
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A friend asked me yestarday about flashing his SL5500 to OZ3.2. I still have the files on my CF card from flashing one of my Z's recently, so I brought the card in today for him to use.

First problem: The flashing process stops after less than a minute, rather than taking the normal amount of time to complete.

Second problem: After resetting and rebooting, he is getting the opie logo, followed by multiple lines of errors, most complaining of bad tar headers.

We tried re-flashing 3 times, with no change in results. His system was recently flashed to the Sharp 3.x image with no problems, and he has had no previous problems using his Z. I will check the files on my CF card tonight, but as I said I have recently used the files on this card to flash another system. I have not been able to find any previous mention of bad tar headers after flashing a system, so I would appriciate any suggestions to help get his system up & running again.
It sounds like you didn't do a clean umount of your cf card and corrupted your file.

I would reformat cf card and try new files before I looked any deeper

Problem resolved. It appears that my friend was trying to be helpful and copied the init.d and zImage files to his local ram. Unfortunately he actually *moved* the init.d file, leaving only the zImage file on my CF card. Thus the unusually short flash times, and the hopelessly corrupted startup after flashing. Took the system home, copied the files back up to my card, flashed his unit, and all is well. Sorry for the false alarms.
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