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Full Version: Must-have Z Accessories?
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Hi all. I won a 6000L on ebay a little while ago; should be here Monday. happy.gif I can't wait.

Anyway, there seems to be bunches of 6000 owners around here (made evident by your respective sigs tongue.gif ), and I'm just curious as to what Zaurus accessories you (personally) consider essential? Cases? Cables? Extra Batteries? Screen protecors? Styli? CF/SD Cards? Others? What brands/models do you like/hate?

I am, of course, looking for 6000 accessories, but feel free to share your favorites for other Zaurus models if the inspiration so moves you!
It's getting close to not being an issue, but unless you want to wait a bit you might want to avoid getting an SD card bigger than 1Gig.
The only thing I consider "essential" is probably a screen saver. I got one from ebay that took me 45 minutes to install, (because of bubbles) and it has been nice other than being hard to install. But my next one will be from Javoedge. I got one for my husband and it installed in like 2 minutes, with no bubbles, and wears very well. Javoedge also has a retractable stereo earphone set with 2.5 mm plug. (most earphones in stores have 3.5 mm plugs).

Something that is essential if you want to use external USB devices is a USB adapter cable. The USB port on the 6000 has a mini A connector, and hardly any devices have a mini A plug. Iriver sells one, and also sell them.

Otherwise "essential" kind of depends on your usage. For instance in the area of networking, I have a wireless router, so I use the built-in wifi, and have no need of bluetooth card (to connect to the internet over a bluetooth-enabled cell phone) or wired ethernet card. However, I do have a 56K CF modem card (Targus PA560) that I got dirt cheap ($10.00 clearance) from Staples a couple years ago, in case I need dial-up somewhere.

If you type a lot, an external keyboard might be essential. I use a Micro Innovations MP-0118 IR keyboard (very small), and also have a Belkin F8U1500 (much larger, but has a dedicated number row) that both work after installing Cwaig's irk-zaurus-j ipk. Check out this link for ipk and pix:
Other 6000 users prefer USB keyboards.

If you need extended battery life, a Pelican psp external battery is inexpensive, (about $20.00) and will make your 6000 be able to use wifi for 5 or 6 hours. (Probably a couple hours longer, but I got tired or being online and turned it off.)
the essentials are:

- sd card to install apps because the 6000 has limited internal flash space. 1gb is a decent value right now.

- cf card (>256MB) if you plan to switch roms and to watch movies or play large amounts of mp3. These can be any size.

- usb host cable for even more accessories (I even use it for a usb light to type in the dark).

- screen protector. We're not talking about the plastic cover that comes with the 6000. It's too nice of a screen to get nick and dings.
QUOTE(bluedevils @ Feb 23 2006, 09:58 AM)
- screen protector.  We're not talking about the plastic cover that comes with the 6000.  It's too nice of a screen to get nick and dings.

What brand do you recomend? the_oak suggested Javoedge above, what about you?

Thanks to those of you who've replied so far (and those who may in the future), your insights are greatly appreciated. happy.gif
for the 6000 I got it from (the g2) and I think was also working on getting their own screen protectors for the 6000. I'm not sure where they are with that. Both have worked very good for me.
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