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Full Version: Zaurus Sl-c1000 Need Help How To Sync
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Can someone help me I need to sync my SL-C1000 I have windows XP and I follow the instruction c3000sync but still not able to sync I keep getting unable to sync please I am newbie and can someone send me the instruction or files I need to get it working love this gadget.
Jr sad.gif
What are you trying to sync to, Outlook? What software are you using to sync with?

I too am a newbie on this with several questions, and even after searching about this I'm at a loss. I have an SL-C1000 also, with Cacko full package, and want to sync to Palm Desktop v4.2 on an XP machine if possible. The questions that occur to me:

1) Apparently some people use Intellisync. I didn't notice that in my package, I suppose it is on the CD from Conics but it looks all Japanese to me so is useless. So, where do I get English language Intellisync?

2) I see a "PC Link" application in the Zaurus. Is that what communicates with Intellisync on the PC, or is it completely independent of it? What database does it sync with? It allows a choice of PC link (apparently two USB protocols, in host mode or client mode I wonder) or syncing via card. Is that latter one like if you have your PIM files on a card, or something like that?

I will keep digging around to see if I can find what the best recipe is. I noticed these comments on an SL-C3000 review:
Sharp includes a version of Intellisync on the CDs that come with the Zaurus but the program is in Japanese and thus virtually impossible to use for English speaking users.  You can install an English version that you can get online but you must be sure and install the hardware drivers that come on the Zaurus CD.  Once doing this Intellisync runs in English and will synchronize the Zaurus PIM information to Outlook or Palm Desktop.  I had a lot of problems throughout my evaluation of the Zaurus with this synchronization which might be due to my complicated Outlook setup on the desktop.  Some users report no problems syncing with the desktop and others are never successful getting their PIM data onto the Z, so this is an area that needs some improvement.  Once the drivers are installed you can connect the Zaurus to your desktop using the included USB cable, and the Z appears as a removable drive on the Windows desktop which is a handy way to get files back and forth.  This is much easier than using ActiveSync on a Pocket PC.
The PC link app sets the zaurus up to be a usb flash drive (storage) or for usb syncing. I believe there are some english intellisync software around, but I do not remember exactly where. Once the intellisync is installed both the pc link on the Z and the intellisync on the pc will talk to each other.

The software will sync the dtm (sharp's default pim data) files on the Z with outlook on the PC (was there other options like lotus notes? I don't remember). There is also a qtopia desktop that the older versions used to sync to, but I don't know if the new Zs do anymore.

The main trick is finding the right driver/english intellisync combo that works
I just noticed this page has an interesting procedure:

Look in the page for the word "intellisync".

Gee, is there anything "Hd Luc" has not done and documented? smile.gif I'm impressed...

I guess I will give it a try. Didn't say if it syncs with Palm Desktop though.

Looks like there is other useful USB networking info there, too. Apparently you aren't stuck with using only FAT on your cards after all, if you access the files on the cards through this network.
Well, I did try it. Now I have a Japanese Intellesync on my computer. dry.gif

According to that site:
The Zaurus Software for the PC (Windows) does not use UniCode and hence displays garbage when run on an English version of Windows (even if you have installed the Japanese language pack and your browser can display Japanese websites without problems). To fix this, change the default Windows system locale to Japanese and restart Windows. Then run X:\PCSOFT\Setup.exe from the Zaurus CD-ROM and you will be able to read the Japanese.

I couldn't figure out what he meant, because in the Control Panel application "Regional and Language Options" there was nothing called "locale". So I just ignored this part and proceeded. It looked like Intellisync and the NDIS drivers installed (the two items I asked for), and I now have that Zaurus Manager on the task bar. I changed the hostname in Zaurus Manager to "QQ" and the host IP to (I'm assuming, maybe wrongly, those fields refer to the PC, not the Zaurus). But when I go into PC Link on the Zaurus, and try to set it to USB-TCP/IP (advanced) mode (which has to match the mode on the Zaurus Manager in the PC), I get an error "AlertUSB" and it does not accept the change.

Anyone run into this?


I found this thread:
which is useful, and explained about that AlertUSB error (need to pull the USB cable before making changes).

Also there was an interesting link to some instructions that explain how to install this stuff:

Following those instructions, everything worked up till the telnet, which failed. Also a ping from the Zaurus to the PC fails. The device manager does see the "SL Series Ver 3" in the network adapters, and in my network connections window, I see that it is connected.

Well, I'll keep digging around, maybe I can find the problem.
Does anyone know what IP address I'm supposed to put into the PC Link applet on the Zaurus, and what address into the Zaurus Manager applet on the PC? That is, are they supposed to be the same address, or different?

I'm getting both indications from the different docs I've read.
Another update.

I did use the same IP address in both places. Seemed to work (see below).

I found some threads where people said to try the 5500 Intellisync from the Sharp USA site. I did that and have gotten further! I now get some communication between the Z and the PC, and the sync starts. But then it gets that message about not finding the Palm desktop software. I found a thread saying the older Palm desktop software was installed under C:, the newer under C:Program Files, and the guy with that problem found some older Palm Desktop software that went under C: and got it to work that way. I'm not crazy about that even if I could find the old stuff. I wonder if the new stuff gives an option where it installs? But even if it does, what happens to all my contact files, etc.?

Oh, also on the sync setup, the Intellisync does not seem aware of several fields in the contacts of the new Palm Desktop.

BTW the Trisoft procedure at one point suggested trying to telnet to the Z to check the communication, but I have yet to get that to work. But the connection seems to be there anyway. Ping works from the Z too. I now have to deal with this other problem.

Geez, this is like pulling teeth.
Found some more information:
I'm having problems sync'ing with Windows XP.

Problems usually arise with Windows XP because of improper settings for one reason or another.

Try these installation checks and procedures after you have installed the Intellisync software.

1) On the ZAURUS – Go to the Settings tab – Network&Sync-Sync tab and verify the USB IP address is Click Apply

2) Dock the Zaurus in the cradle (ensure the USB connection is in the PC)

3) Go to Start-control panel-Network Connections. Verify that there is a LAN CONNETION and that it is ‘enabled’ for SL SERIES NDIS 5

4) Right click on the SL SERIES NDIS 5 and go to Properties. Under the Advanced Tab ensure that Firewall setting is disabled.

5) Go to Start-All Programs-Accessories-Command prompt

6) At the command prompt type ‘ipconfig’ . Verify that IP address for the LAN CONNECTION # (which corresponded with SL Series Ndis 5 has an IP address of

7) Type ‘ping’ . Verify you get a ‘REPLY from …’ Control-C breaks out

8) push the Syncronize button on the cradle

9) On the System tray – right click Intellisync and go to Synchronize (Make sure Synchronize options have been set)

So the PC's address is I tried pinging this from the Z and it worked. Likewise I can ping the Z's address,, from the PC (using "ping" in a DOS window). So everything appears to be communicating.

I've had no luck with syncing yet though. I thought of syncing Palm Desktop to Outlook (which Palm Desktop can do), and then Outlook to the Z (so as to work around my problem with the location of the Palm software), but to do that I'd have to install Outlook.
This one worked for me on C1000
It would be awesome if someone could explain how to sync to a PC running Windows when your Z is running OpenZaurus.
QUOTE(podradan @ Jun 12 2006, 08:08 AM)
This one worked for me on C1000

It also worked for me on C760. Thanks a lot, I was desperate, trying to sync my Zaurus with MS Outlook.
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