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Full Version: Mplayer Frontend Plus Bvdd Question
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Someone mentioed it before (not sure which thread though), pymp ( works great as an mplayer frontend - you'll need pyhton-shell and python-netclient installed to use it (and make to compile/install). Also, with a bit of playing, rox-desktop will play with mplayer straight from rox.
for info my .mplayer/config contains;

... now for my question...
when I first installed pdaxrom (which is just bloody wonderful btw smile.gif, bvdd was working fine and movies played fast and wonderfully... however I did something (can't work out what though) and bvdd will no longer load - moans about tainting the kernel, then init_module: Device or resource busy... no bvdd module = no -vo bvdd for mplayer, sadly -vo sdl is nowhere near as good.
I have checked through all ipk's I've installed since it went wrong and can't see anything that would affect bvdd... I have also gone through every version of bvdd I can find - manually extracted bvdd.o and tried to load that in case I'd accidentally overwritten it but no joy...
so... can someone explain why bvdd has broken for me or at worst please suggest a fix because bvdd is just so much better than sdl for video.
when you moved the module did you issue a depmod -a just to bo sure? "moans about tainting the kernel" sounds wierdhow about insmod'ing the module and giving us the diff of dmesg before and after (i dont mean the program: diff)
Hi, I have this exact same problem. It's spitting out this to dmesg:

bvdd: Registering the device failed. (-16)
QUOTE(Ycros @ Mar 9 2006, 05:47 AM)
Hi, I have this exact same problem. It's spitting out this to dmesg:

bvdd:  Registering the device failed. (-16)

depmod fixed it for me... I was too embarrassed that I'd missed that to respond back before ;-)
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