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Full Version: Cacko Network Ppp Dialup Feature Request
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I have an audiovox RTM 8000 and have had great success using it for GPRS with vodafone.

Use the network setup application to create a dial-up PPP connection . Simply launch the network setup, select Dial-up PPP.

In the Account tab, enter any name, and in the user name and password fields, enter the username and password provided by your GPRS provider.

In the phone number field, enter

In the Modem tab screen enter the following modem init string:

However, to make this work, I had to disable the PIN on my sim card... the AT code for entering a PIN is

is there any way this could be added to the dialup plugin? I've tried putting it into the modem initialisation string but it's not successful... it might be finger trouble, or it might be a timeout issue, so any ideas would be welcome!
BTW, this thread contains all the info you need to make GPRS work:
QUOTE(speculatrix @ Mar 1 2006, 10:59 PM)
BTW, this thread contains all the info you need to make GPRS work:

I use the DialUp applet that comes with Cacko 1.23 which is called Bluetooth Connection if I remember correctly. There are two bluetooth related applets, one for PAN and one for DUN. I use the DUN for GPRS and it asks me for a PIN each time I connect.
erm, I mean the pin to unlock the SIM, not the password for the GPRS dialup.

hm, I guess all I'd need to do is manually hack the /etc/ppp/peers file to add a chat entry for AT+CPIN=blah

snag is that until the sim is unlocked the card doesn't sign on to network, so it's much slower.
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