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Full Version: Browsing And Sending Files Using Bt
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I'm trying to browse and send files to and from my Mac running OS X 10.4 to my SL-6000, which has Bluez installed and a Socket Rev E BT CF. Although the Mac recognizes the Z, the Bluetooth File X-fer app says "Device does not have the necessary services" whenever I try to do anything.

What do I need to browse and send files? I've read a lot about OBEX (obextool, obexftp) and I know it's on Cacko, but I also know it doesn't install along with the BlueZ ipk.

Can someone please explain how to do something so simple? Where can I get obextool for the standard Sharp ROM? Is that all I need?

And before anyone recommends Affix, which has basic obex functionality, I've tried it, and it's rubbish: ipk errors, crashes, modules failing to load ... the lot.
I've been poring over the Bluetooth section of Meanie's site for his 3000. He says that these files are necessary for file-sending:

- obexftp_0.10.7_arm.ipk
- obexserver_1.0_arm.ipk

... as well as obextool. He has put together an amazing package called bluetooth-support_1.23_arm.ipk, but it looks like it's only for the 3000 and the 2.4.20 kernel. Can anyone put this together for the 2.4.18 kernel? That might solve my own and many others' BT problems.
Okay, I'll answer my own question.

- Install BlueZ and the susp/resume and sudo ipks.
- Install bluepin_0.0.1-1_arm.ipk
- Then install openobex_1.0.0-1b_arm.ipk
- Install opd_0.2-1_arm.ipk
- And, finally, install obextool_0.2-1_arm.ipk (also requires glib, which most of us should have already)

Pair up your Mac and the Z using the Mac's walkthrough. The Z's pin, or passkey, is 1234.

Fire up the terminal on the Z and type:

#/usr/sbin/opd --mode OBEX+BIP --channel 4 --sdp --daemonize --path /home/zaurus/Documents/

Now I can send files to the Zaurus using the Mac OS X Bluetooth GUI (I've actually changed my path in the command line to /mnt/card), and I can send files from the Z using the command line obextool, for example:

#obextool push /mnt/card/test.txt xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 3

...where "test.txt" represents the name and path of the file, the Xs represent the Mac's MAC address (find it using "hcitool scan") and the "3" represents the channel (mine's 15).

The Mac's Bluetooth utility will see the Z and give a brief summary of its limited abilities (see attached image).

I still haven't had any luck launching opd at boot or keeping it going through a Bluez restart. I also haven't been able to establish a PAN connection between the Mac and the Z. I get a "refused connection (111)" error.
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