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Full Version: Pcmcia Connector
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Hi to all the simpad lovers.
I have just received one of the simpad sold on the german ebay.

Ebay link

It is a great toy bu does not have the pcmcia connector.

I open it an i discovered that there is space on the pcb for it, but the frame and the connector is missing.
It looks also thathe there are all the IC, so i guess the pcmcia controller is there.

Can anyone sen me a picture of the original connector or the part number of it as i would like to buy one and solder it?

I have found a company that make this kind of connectors but there are may options:


I do not need the entire frame, but yust the connector ready for "surface mounting" soldering .
I guess the problem is to find if the simpad requires a "above" or "below" PCB side.


I'm fairly new with simpads (bought a CL4 at eBay recently), but if I remember correctly there seemed to be some IC's missing in my Swisscom screenpad when I compared it against the hardware shown at (and so I've never considered the option of adding a PCMCIA any further).

Did you check this?

I'm afraid I can't tell you much about the socket itself though.

I was double checking the wiring of my MMC mod and had a look at the PCMCIA stuff. In my Swisscom Screenpad (a simpad CL4) there are 2, maybe 3 components missing that I figure have something to do with PCMCIA. On the picture the're partly hidden, but clearly there. Beneath the yellow component at Nr.14, there sould be a MIC2562A Power Controller there. There was a post a while back I think about adding a socket by someone who claimed to have the expertise, I personally wouldn't dare to touch the tiny stuff though.
Good luck, Berend
Hi garbo,

I have the necessary parts in stock (PCMCIA connector, bus drivers, power controller, some Rs and Cs), I'd sell them for €40 plus shipping. But beware, as Berend said, the soldering is extremely tricky!

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