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Full Version: Gdb Stuck Over Nfs
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I try to run gdb on an application and source code that reside on a mounted NFS folder. The machine gets completely stuck. only a cold (remove the battery) reset out.

I 'm working on a Sharp Zaurus C3100 stock English installation. I use the gcc 3.4.4 cross-compiler package from including the gdb. I'm connected using a CF LAN card. (NFS works fine but for the problem above)

[Q] has anyone attempted an across-nfs debugging before. On any machine? on a Zaurus?
(Why does it get stuck so bad?)

and while at it. How to cross debug from a PC on an embedded Linux like the Zaurus? any GUI debugger?

Thanks! Free life
Boaz Harrosh
I have done this several times and it never got stuck for me.. check dmesg and see if you are getting any errors on the NFS mount.. I have done it with Cacko ROM, PDAXROM and OpenBSD without a problem.

As far as I know you can't cross debug but you can use gdbserver to handle debugging on the Zaurus and control the debug session either from gdb or gdbtui (the ncurses flavour of gdb [as close to a gui as I know for gdb tongue.gif]).

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I have checked dmsg and there are no errors on NFS when doing regular file transfer or even execution of the application from the NFS mount. When running gdb it gets stuck immediately so I cannot see. But atleast I know it should work so I should keep pocking around. (If only it did not get stuck so badly)

I guess I will have to upgrade to Cacko. The original Sharp ROM has so many things missing. Maybe its a kernel thing. Or should I use something else? What's the best to use for stability performance and development?

I see now gdbserver is the actual local debugger with a remote "gui" from a gdb on a remote machine. I'll look up the documentation.
If it is standard gdb I'm sure I can use Kdevelop it can be made to use all kind of crazy gdb setups, just that I was not aware of the gdbserver. Thanks it is exactly the tip I needed

Free life
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