Hi All,

I have been searching for some way of extracting the PIM data in my address book and diary which is stored in dtm format. I have used dtm2xml, and have generated the raw xml data, but I am now unsure what to do with it. I have tried loading it into Epiphany, but I get a comment about no style information associated with it. I have also looked into DocBook, but all I can make out is that there should be dtd file available. According to the xml file, this should be at www.dstri.de/DTMs/dtm-1.0.dtd but the site is not available...

Any suggestions? BTW, I am using the last TKC rom before version 2 (Sorry, it is so long ago now, I have forgotten...) Kernel 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-emb and Qtopia 1.5.0.