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Full Version: Cf, Sd, And Headphone/speaker Issues...
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OK, I'm stumped. My Z has been out of commission for a month after a power surge blew my charging fuse... I fixed that, only to find that my Z no longer displays the CF or SD drives in the files tab. It notes when they are inserted or ejected, and I can read them through some programs, but they do not appear in the file tab. I then tried playing mp3s off my CF drive, and the sound was really distorted. I plugged in headphones, and nothing... I then restarted, and it plays distorted through the headphones, unplug the headphones and the speaker works (though still distorted) but then plug the headphones back in and they no longer work. If I unplug the headphones, the speaker plays still (again, still distorted). Is this issue due to the power surge, something I messed up during the replacement of the fuse, due to no power or battery for a month, or something completely different? Also, how do I go about repairing this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a billion.

I'm no expert but it sounds like there is a short somewhere.

Have you tried reflashing? Start fresh and see if that fixes the problem. Then you can narrow it down.
I already looked, and I can see no where that was shorted with the fuse I added... Plus it’s on the other end of the card. It still could be a short somewhere, but I don’t see one... Ok, so I reflashed. Now the Z recognizes cards as it should. But the speaker issue still remains. Could I have somehow blown a capacitor or some other sort of chip in there somewhere related to the sound? If so, any ideas on where those are and how to test? Another guess is that maybe something wiggled loose, as I pulled the Z apart several times. I couldn’t find anything that appeared to be loose though... Any more help greatly appreciated.

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