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Full Version: Www Thru Usb - Been Trying For A Month
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I've read almost everything I can find on this subject.
I want to surf the web through a USB connection to my windows XP computer.
I have the sharp driver setup. I can use samba.
I have internet sharing enabled.
But I get stuck at the point where I'm supposed to put my DNS into my resolve.conf.
My problem is, I don't know what my DNS numbers are.
Thirteen years ago, when I first used my ISP, all these numbers were put in manually.
Now my IP and DNS is obtained automatically.
I've enclosed the screenshots of the status of my dialup connection in win XP
And the DNS tab on my internet connection.
The status tab doesn't show DNS numbers, just Server and client.

Thank you for reading this,
Ok, I put the number shown on the status sheet into my resolve.
This number is the one that says "Server"
The client number on this status sheet changes whenever I re-connect.
I've looked in all areas in my network settings for a "PROPER" DNS number and anytime I find one,
the field is either blank or, in the case of my above post, it is set to AUTO

I try these on my Zaurus, and none of them can connect to the network:

I also try to connect in the network application inside the settings tab.
It fails also.
After you network is up and running on XP, open a console and type
ipconfig /all

You will get the dns server that the connectino is using amongst all the info there.

You will probably also have to tell XP to allow the connectino through, and tell your zaurus that there is a route though the usb lan device (usually usb0)

Search the forums, this has been covered for all versions since the C700 (and hasn't changed since then)

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