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Full Version: Making Your X Wifi Compact Flash Work
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There are many wifi cards that require some tweaking to make them work as well as some cards that work right out of the box. In this forum there's lot of information about specific models, but it's distributed in different threads and different sections.

It would be nice if every user could share their experience with his/her wi-fi card. I mean, what card are you using? did it work out of the box? did you need to install another package? maybe needed some tweaking?
That could help someone with the same card or willing to buy a new one but is not sure about the compatibility with the current distribution.
Also for cards that work out of the box... I also found that is some outdated information in some threads. By instance, the Sandisk ConnectPlus (128MB) Card is said to work one_feature_at_a_time in most threads, but I saw in a config file (when I just installed pdaxrom if my memory doesn't fail) that it was bind to two modules, in a fashion much like:

bind "hostap_cs" to 0
bind "ide" to 1

Does that mean that with the default package it would work both functions at a time?
Any experience with wifi cards of any model is welcomed.
I'll post mine as soon as I get a wi-fi card in a better shape than my screwed-up dlink 660w that is not even recognized on wince devices some times (so I can't blame linux for not recognizing it, I need to make tests with a REAL and PROPERLY WORKING wifi card).
I sweared to not write in pdaX part of forum but this post... I want to reply.

ShadowMaster: creating another thread which will repeat info about cards is useless - maybe rather create Wiki page about it and let everyone add something good to it so next users will get detailed infos which card works under SharpROM on 5500/5600/6000/c7x0/cxx00 devices, which under OpenZaurus, which under pdaX etc instead of searching in many threads which are getting obsolete after next distro release.

Many problems which I saw in 'hardware problems with pdaXrom' thread was easily solved by switching from orinoco_cs driver to newer version of hostap driver. Many people try to use old prism2_cs driver instead of hostap_cs etc...

If you want to help then try to make summary of all available infos, put in wiki (OESF one), try to get people from other Zaurus distros to help and this will be better help then another "card XYZ works for me under pdaX 1.1.0 on c760", "no! card XYZ does not work on MY c760 running pdaX 1.1.0" etc..
A wiki is actually a pretty good idea, maybe with some "first things to try" like the ones you said. By the way, I found this may be very useful:
The thing is now how to coordinate such a cooperative project.
hrw - please feel free to post as you have plenty of good knowledge and good communications skills - its just the "It works perfect in OZ" posts we don't like that much (although its true) ;-)

But yes - most of all the wifi problems should be fixed with the new hostap drivers :-)
Is OZ more compatible or what?
ambicom cf wifi works fine w/ hostap in pdaxrom, if that has any bearing on this.
QUOTE(ShadowMaster @ Mar 5 2006, 11:17 PM)
Is OZ more compatible or what?

Hmm. hard to tell for me. I feel like pdaX is distro done mostly by Sashz and Laze which have good knowledge how to make working distro but do not want to play wth newest stuff - prefer to keep versions which are known as working. In result you got quite stable system which has more-or-less working tools. They cannot test everything due to lack of misc hardware so users complain from time to time that something does not work.

In OpenEmbedded team we have similar problems (lack of misc hardware) but we are larger group due to fact that we are not only OpenZaurus guys but also developers of few other distros. This gives us more (over 2000 source packages) stuff for users but due to fact that we often try to follow upstream with upgrading to newer versions we do not have everything well tested. But going to newest versions sometimes is good, sometimes is not.

Some time ago I worked on cleaning pcmcia config files so now hostap is used for most of WiFi cards - orinoco is used only for cards which are not Prism based.
hrw thanks for the nice words - and yes your completely right - well actually its Sash whos does all the work these days im way to busy at work.

Btw. maybe you could help out by supllying the cleanded pcmcia config files etc.
well.. it's true.. I usually prefer old (but stable) software rather than new (but unreliable) versions....
but curiously I tried the old xcircuits package that is available for pdaxrom and crashed almost inmediatly....
I compiled last version successfully and It's quite more reliable (I had to do some adjustments though)....
If everything goes well, I'll be releasing a xcircuits ipk soon (and hopefully a ngspice too)
BTW... I must congratulate both of you (Laze and Hrw) for making our loved Zaurus devices go beyond their native capabilities (read: with the default OS installed)
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