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Full Version: Rts On The Z !
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i've just tried Battle of Survival with the Stratagus engine on my slc3000 and it just works great !

Stratagus engine taken here:

game launched in 640x480 with:
stratagus -d / -v 1
hmm didnt work, what else did you do? crash, backpeddle, didnt read...

where can I get MORE!

update: I am putting this on my site, too good to be lost due to "whatever"
well i didn't do anything special smile.gif
just installed stratagus then uncompressed the bos.tgz file and launched with the command line i gave...and it worked smile.gif

what is your problem? did you already have the libSDL ? i read many problems are tied to the version of libSDL...
i'm happy : i managed to have warcraft 2 working with stratagus !
tooooo cooool !
in fact stratagus seems to be very version dependent .. so you have to use wargus 2.0 extract script with stratagus 2.0 :-)
i'll be back after playing more ;-)
noway for now :

Q: Does stratagus support internet/metaserver play?
A: Not yet, but this is a planned feature and may be added for 2.2

but lan gaming seems to be implemented and should be working at least smile.gif
I tried installing this. I already have the SDL library from Cresho's NES/SNES package (libsdl_1.2.5-slzaurus20050731_arm.ipk). I downloaded the zip on bam's website (, extracted it, and now have an ipk file and a dir: stratagus_2.0.0-1_arm.ipk and data.bos.

I currently have no SD or CF card available, so I've put it on the micro drive (I think, I'm not quite sure if I understand what data is on the flash, and what on the drive unsure.gif). It's located at /hdd3/Games/data.bos. I also installed the ipk file with the package installer.

Now when I open Qkonsole and type "stratagus -d /hdd3/Games/data.bos -v 1", I get the following error:

stratagus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory

Do I have to install another library or something? If so, which one? smile.gif I am using the standard sharp rom.

apparently you need the zlib package. i've just checked and i already got this one : zlib 1.2.3-1

but i just cannot tell you where i got it... smile.gif
I installed the zlib package you suggested. Now, I get the following error:

could not open translation file /home/QtPalmtop//i18n/ja/libsl.qmid

The game starts anyways though. I get the intro movies, and can get into the menu. But as soon as I want to actually start a game my Zaurus hangs during the loading of all the graphics. I get a screen saying:

The available work area is becoming very low. Please select an application to terminate and tap OK button.

Any idea what to do next? smile.gif

edit: When I open the System Info application (nothing else open) and look at memory it says I've used 30.064 KB of 63.100 KB total memory. I have 32.036 KB left. How come it's using almost half of the available memory with no applications open except this one? I guess that is causing the error that my work area is becoming low?
QUOTE(Yoshi @ Mar 10 2006, 03:03 PM)
<some stuff snipped>
The available work area is becoming very low. Please select an application to terminate and tap OK button.

Any idea what to do next? smile.gif

One of the quickest ways to reduce the memory consumed on your Z is to remove fastload from certain applications. For example, by default the Sharp DTM apps (Address Book, Calendar, Todo list, etc.) come with 'Fast load' on by default. To turn it off, hold down the icon with your stylus, and uncheck the 'Fast load' check box on the Details page that should pop up after holding the icon. Do this for each app you don't want to preload.

Fast load enables the application to start up quicker if you use them regularly. I use the K*/Pi utilities so don't need the default Sharp apps to fast load.

Hope this helps!

i guess addind a swapfile would help too wink.gif
yeah !!

Work for me, like a charm !!
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