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Full Version: A possible true ical sync solution
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I'm still waiting for my sl-5600 to be shipped (I'm living in UK) so I have some spare time to work out how to sync the zaurus to my mac. I've tried using Qtopia desktop's datebook and that's just a horrible piece of junk.

So I would like to know if this setup would generate a proper sync:

1) Use KOrganizer instead of zaurus's built in PIM
2) mount the zaurus on the Mac (through SMB)
3) create an alias on the mac of the folder containing KOrganizer's .ics file, so every time the alias is opened the zaurus will be mounted automatically.
4) use iSynCal (synchronizes ical files without isync) to setup a sync between the mac's ical and KOrganizer (using the alias).

I'm pretty sure step 1-3 would work, but i'm curious if KOrganizer's .ics file will be exactly compatible with ical.

Could somebody try this setup out? If this works then it could mean we have a real two-way sync for ical and zaurus. iSynCal is a shareware, but it's fully functional for 15 days.


hmm... that was me.
I believe that the ics file is a true iCal file.

This would be of use to everyone, not just Mac users.

I take it all back (not quite all, I still think the file is an iCal file), I thought there might be source code available, looks like the Mac users might have the jump on everyone else for once.

I have found a freeware which does what iSynCal does and more. It's a little buggy on the ical sync side, but it looks promising. And there's a source code for it too.

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