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Full Version: Runnig Out Of Space
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I have a SL-C3100 running Sharp Rom - i do not want to change to PDAXROM as it is currently causing some issues with CF wireless cards e.g. DLINK model.

I don't see the advantage of changing to Cacko (maybe my ignorance).

I am running Apache, PRBOOM, XQT (meanie's IPK), MYSQL with Mambo, PHPBB, PostNuke, Powervision, TKCPLAYER, TREEEXPLORER, Firefox, ABIWord, Wireless sniffng, LBreakout and LUSScreensaver.

I followed Meanie's guide on Apache to create symbolic links for web pages.

Works great - BUT...

The home folder is now 91% full, my HDD3 holds all my music (1.8gb) - i cannot create an ln -s as HDD3 is FAT and of course the other partitions are not.

I can't install anything else..

I'm not that familar with Linux, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not sure, but for your dilemma I think the cacko rom will only help if you use programs installed with the full cacko rom. I believe if the program is part of the rom it is compressed on the file system giving a little more room.
I had the same problem but I found if I removed Firefox it opened up a ton of room. I run Firefox in Pocketworkstation now. The other thing is that the /home directory is jffs and will compress the files so your 9% will actually hold a lot more than you think.
You should make an ext3 part on HDD. Delete FAT part and make one 2,5g and one 1G ext3. Read mainie's page if you need help.
Then edit /etc/ipkg.conf and add "dest hdd /hdd4" and use ipkg -d hdd install package.

PS: you need to remount rw the / to do mkdir hdd4 (or use a dir in /mnt)

This is what i did

# su
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/hdd3/expansion.ext2 bs=1048576 count=128
# echo y|/sbin/mke2fs /hdd3/expansion.ext2
# mkdir -p /home/expansion
# mount -o loop -t ext2 /hdd3/expansion.ext2 /home/expansion
# echo "/hdd3/expansion.ext2 /home/expansion ext2 loop,rw,noatime 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

and then

# mkdir -p /home/expansion/my new directory
# cd /directory under home i want to copy e.g. doom

used treeexplorer to move dreictory

# ln -s /home/expansion/new directory /home/moved directory name
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