I have recently obtained a Zaurus 3100, and have put pdaxrom (beta1) on it. After some tribulations, I have managed to get nearly everything important to me to run on the machine. Chief among those was LyX.

I will, as things develop, make a binary available if anyone wants it. For me, a tarball is much easier than an ipk. But this is not something I have ported, it is a rude hack. So, I want some help making it better.

I started with a debian package of lyx-1.3.4 (yes, .4; it is out of date). This I was able to install on my old Z 5500 with OZ/GPE. I copied the binary directly to the 3100, since the *.deb files will not work with the pdaxrom's ipkg (this would be nice to fix, BTW). I found that only two libraries were needed, libAikisaurus, which also came from the debian arm archives, and the libc++5 that was posted here a bit back. It also depends heavily on the teTeX distribution posted here recently. It can be made to work without TeX, which is the way I used it on the 5500, but you have to be careful about the textclass.lst file, and don't re-configure, since that searches the machine for TeX stufff, and if it isn't there it basically breaks the functionality of the program.

I still cannot get the X symbol fonts to display properly, though for most of us it would still be usable, since it displays a red sum instead of the summation sign, etc. I would like help in fixing the font problem. I grabbed the sybol fonts (75dpi) from my desktop machine (debian etch), but that does not seem to help. Yes, I put them where they were supposed to be, /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/ and I ran mkfontdir. What else should I do?

Some of the configuration of pdaXrom is nonstandard, so maybe I am missing something. I found that out when I discovered that the settings in /etc/fstab were not read at boot time, so moving /usr to /dev/hda2 did not work as planned. But, I am willing to learn. How do I fix these fonts?

Basic information:

pdaXrom 1.1.0beta1
machine: Zaurus SL C3100 (which is way cool, BTW)
old machine: Zaurus: 5500 w/OZ3.5.3/GPE

David L. Johnson