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Full Version: No Ram Disk Image? (boot Errors)
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I've got some errors at boot, and I'm guessing I need to resolve these before dealing with my other problems:

Couldn't find a valid RAM disk image starting at 0
Mounting local FS [ Failed ]
Also, something about not being able to modify modules.dep because it can't write
(It went by too fast for me to copy)

I'm running this on an SL-5500, pdaXrom 1.10beta1 "Kathrin" and in case it's relevent, startx works and I get somewhat-working GUI.

Any suggestions?


[ Edited because I didn't see the guidelines until after I posted, so I'm doing some more searching on my other issues first. ]
RAM disk message you can ignore (or blame pdaX devels for turniing it on when it is not used)

modules.dep thing - run terminal as root and do "depmod" - if it will complain then check does your / is r/w or only read.
After re-flashing the rom, that problem seems to have gone away. I think that only appeared after ipkg started putting stuff in internal memory (it ran out of space almost instantly, and then nothing else had space to modify any files).

I've got to say, it's a brutal pain trying to get things working with this on my 5500, but I haven't given up yet.
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