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Full Version: Sandisk Connect-plus Cf Wifi + 128 Mb Card And Lin
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Karel Jansens
I have a SimPad SL4 which currently has Windows CE 4.1 installed (it's the one Gramix sold biggrin.gif ). I purchased the above-mentioned SanDisk Connect-Plus CF card (WiFi+128 mb flash) for it and it works beautifully in Windows.

Since I'm interested in flashing my SimPad to Linux, it would be nice to know whether this card is supported by Linux as well. Also, if I finally get to do the reflash (I'm still quite confused about that part), can I do it with this card or should I use a simple CF flash card?


Karel Jansens
install prism3-support package if you use OE-derived distro (OpenSimpad 0.9 or Familiar 0.8.x)
With FAMILAR 0.8.2 GPE.
I tried to make this card work, with PRISM3 driver you will be able to use the WIFI fonction and it work very well. I was able to use KISMET with this configuration. The Flash is accessible from FAMILAR with proper configuration.

BUT I was not able to make them work at the same time. Switching from one to an other require a reboot after modifying the configuration. The configuration is done in the "hostap.conf" file.

At this point, the bootloader is not able to see the flash portion of this card. Or I do not know how to access it from the bootloader interface. But this is the only card I have this problem.

For now I am to busy to investigate this problem. I am not sure when I will be able to start working on it. But it is on my todo-list.
known problem - I do not know does someone get both parts working in same time under Linux...

bootloader usually does not support multifunction cards so no way to use this card to flash device

switching does not require reboot of device - you need to restart pcmcia-cs via "/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart"
Karel Jansens
Oh well...

Thanks anyway. I guess Windows will stay on this SimPad for a while longer...
I got this card too and I'm planning to build it fixed into the simpad with both functions enabled at the same time.
Karel Jansens
QUOTE(Hunz @ Mar 12 2006, 02:43 PM)
I got this card too and I'm planning to build it fixed into the simpad with both functions enabled at the same time.


Could I perchance offer you my firstborn in compensation? biggrin.gif
The 2.6 kernel should be able to support both functions at the same time - maybe with little patching.
I tried it here with my notebook and initializing the 2nd function failed since the 1st function was also just initializing.
It should be solved by adding a delay in the 2nd function init.

But there's still quite some work to do for 2.6 kernel on the simpad.
pcmcia support is broken for the simpad and though I already got a framebuffer console (with bootlogo biggrin.gif), it's quite slow and completely unaccelerated.
Hunz :
commit 82d56e6d2e616bee0e712330bad06b634f007a46
Author: Dominik Brodowski <>
Date:   Fri Jan 27 19:15:02 2006 +0100

   [PATCH] pcmcia: properly handle pseudo multi-function devices
   The second pseudo multi-function device of a PCMCIA card may only be
   configured once the first one is initialized. Therefore, delay the
   registration of the second device until the first one is initialized.
   Signed-off-by: Dominik Brodowski <
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