I just received my new C3100 smile.gif I have found meanies elaborate website, and I want to add english descriptions to the menus. I installed Qkonsole, and am inputting his command at this moment. But at the line "cp /home/zaurus/Documents/custom/movieplayer.qmid ." it already goes wrong sad.gif The terminal says this file doesn't exist. When I look into /home/zaurus/Documents, it does not contain a folder custom.

I am a totally new to Linux, so I have no idea how to fix this problem. Do I have to manually install something first? I do have a movieplayer installed (the one which was installed by default).

edit: Never mind. Once again, I was to fast and excited biggrin.gif I missed the part on meanies site which says you have to copy some files to the Zaurus... D'oh!