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Full Version: Fish Fillets-ng Game For Pdaxrom
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Hello all

I compiled great professional quality logical game Fish Fillets for pdaXrom 1.1.0 beta 1

I had to recompile SDL_mixer to support ogg vorbis sounds.
Just install game, game-data and all libraries provided bellow and go :-).
You don't need devel and doc packages from libraries of course. They are provided if someone wants to compile something with those libraries.

Grab packages here:

Developement versions (header files and static libs) are here:

Doccumetation (man info html) packages for libs are here:

I could not make screenshots ... color pallete is messed up with xwd command. :-(
Have fun and give feedback ... Stay tuned ... more to come :-)
Nice work, thxs!

I go try use this sdl-mixer with OGG support with Wesnoth .... laugh.gif

-------- Edited ---------
Tested musics works great now... on wesnoth

Next I go try u Fish Fillet ipks....
doesnt this game use a screen bigger than 640x480
QUOTE(tovarish @ Mar 10 2006, 11:41 PM)
doesnt this game use a screen bigger than 640x480

sometimes ... but alt key + stylus rulez :-).
Each level has its own window. Some levels are small some bigger.
I played 3 levels so far and moving window isnt too annoying.
It is deffinitely playable.
Just give game a try. :-)
OK, ipks are working great! ph34r.gif

Nice speed! and nice game!
yeah i agree it is a nice game indeed. guess i can manage with the alt key wink.gif
QUOTE(anunakin @ Mar 11 2006, 08:38 PM)
OK, ipks are working great!  ph34r.gif

Nice speed! and nice game!

Even much better if you can understand Czech :-)))
How to SAVE and LOAD a game? On PC I use F2 and F3 .... have u remaped?
Yes: All F-keys are remaped F2=2 and so on exception is F11=q (full screen - don't use it game freezes if your screen is smaller than game screen).

Question: how to use F-keys under pdaxrom?
Basically F keys are mapped with esc+number key, aka ESC+1 = F1
ESC + number works in programs for example in midnight commander. In games mosty esc is mapped as single press key (if you press it it makes action immediatelly). You have to remap or tweek somehow F-keys in source to by useable.
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