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Full Version: ZUG: text only version?
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Thanks for this very useful site. I really would like to browse it with my SL-5600, but it's just not practical, because site is not designed for Z screen size even in landscape mode (unless I'm missing something).
Is it possible to include text-only version?


what about using Links?
Well, I did not make myself clear: I'd like something like (text with links)
I see what you mean. Links is great for a text-only browser
(I'm posting with it right now),
but it doesn't re-format the page in a way that would fit the Z's
screen size. It is fast though.
Would be nice/neat if someone from the board wanted to donate some of their freetime to create a zaurus version of the site. *shrugs* it would just seem kind of fiting to have a version of this site that was made with viewing from a zaurus in mind
It's been so long since I've browsed the ZUG on my 5500, I simply forgot how crappy it is (viewability that is).

I can't say that I have an immediate solution, but I have an idea of what I can do. There is a built-in Avantgo module already, but it currently only shows the "News" on the front page... which sucks. I'm going to try and hack it to grab content from other areas (forums, wiki, faq, etc.)

Thanks for the great feedback!

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