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Full Version: Help Please In Usb Host
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Hi guys,

The USB host thing is not working for me sad.gif . I bought a GoldX 5-in-1, as described in Meanies page. Then installed automounter C3000 0.4.6, and I hooked up with lots of devices, and had no luck--nothing appears (nothing diff happens) on my Zaurus. I thought that Zaurus reads it automatically. I have Qkonsole installed. So do I need to type in some code or something laugh.gif. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I'm a newbie also, sorta.
Try an external hard drive with USB
If you're using the original Sharp ROM, I don't know if this works as below. I use Cacko.
If your'e running Cacko, and are using the correct cable/adapter, you should see a new source in the "Files" tab. This is the last tab in qtopia. Also you should get an onscreen message that says "Updating information" about 2 secs after you plug in the hard drive.
If you hard drive uses external power, make sure it's activated.
This is what I get in my files tab on my C3100
Storage /dev/sda1
I have an external hard drive enclosure with an old EIDE drive inside it. It takes an AC adapter. As soon as I turn it on, and plug it into my Zaurus, I have an additional drive on my Zaurus.

Hi, thanks for the response.

I use Sharp ROM.

When I hook it up, I don't see any special messages/ effects. And under file, I don't see any new device listed sad.gif

I wanted to use this as a mini laptop, so USB host capability is fairly important to me smile.gif
I think Cacko ROM includes the necessory drivers/libraries that automounts devices on the USB host.
Using the Sharp ROM, there should be a manual method to mount your devices.
Re-check Meanie's page. I'm sure he mentions how mount these devices,
and I also think he has a script on his page to automount devices.
I switched to Cacko 1.23 full, the first day my C3100 Zaurus arrived.
There is a Cacko ROM for the C3000, but I cannot find the discussion about it, I'm sure it's here somewhere. Or in the Sharp ROM subforum.

I have C3100 smile.gif
Cacko ROM is an updated Sharp ROM, and has most of the Sharp ROM apps, but has a lot more drivers.
Read about it here:

Tks for the response. I would like to use Cacko, but I use the Kino2 player alot--even if it the frame stutters sometimes--and I heard somewhere that Cacko doesn't support Kino 2. Hmm, I better look at it again.
kino2 has been updated in cacko.
Look under the Qtopia heading in first page of above url
Kino2 is updated to ver 0.4.3c
Latest version of mplayer 1.1.5 and bvdd 0.4 video driver included
I don't use the media player much, and if there are newer versions available, I don't know about them either.

I am using the latest Kino already.

My bad. I forgot that I am using this stock ROM because I use D-link Air CF card. Factory Rom supports this, & AFIK I don't think Cacko supports yet. Or something like that smile.gif
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