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Full Version: Musings & Question Solved - Picsel Browser
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I would have posted this in the "Software" subforum, but my question pertains to the C3100.
It was just delivered today.
This thread is what got me interested in a Zaurus, 3 months ago.
(Ultimate Zaurus Software: Picsel Browser)
I'm asking anyone here who has this software.
How do I get it to recognise my internal Hard Drive?
I've included a screenshot and it shows 3 locations for files.
[CF Card] [Internal Flash] [SD Card]
I looked at the [CF Card] and it does not include the hard drive.
Since I had no external CF card inserted, there was a "Not available" message.
The [Internal Flash] is actually this folder - /home/zaurus/Documents/
On my C3100 /Documents/ is a symlink to /hdd3/Documents/
So I guess I just answered my question.
It does access the hard drive, but in a roundabout way.
I've had my C3100 for about 7 weeks and I have my own personalized file setup on hdd3.
Do I need to reconfigure my files & folders? or
Is there a way to "Make" Picsel Browser include a new entry in the file/open screen that has [hdd3].
EDIT: Actually, I'm pretty pleased with my new Picsel Browser,
although the above part of this post seems like I'm not. biggrin.gif
Now I can remove QPDF.
And Picsel Browser opens that troublesome map I've mentioned in my other post about vector files.
EDIT2 (url to above mentioned post - "Pdf Vector Maps Of Us States & Picsel Browser")
Now I'll be able to "View" all my CorelDraw files on my 'Z' as long as I first convert them to *.pdf or *.wmf
This also enables me to use my massive collection of vector clipart, that I've collected over the last 16 years, on my 'Z'
Thank you for reading this,
Wow! I just accomplished what I was wanting to do in the above post! biggrin.gif
Since I'm fond of using GUI applications, I used Tree!Explorer and placed a symlink of /hdd3/ into the following directory:

and now Picsel has this, [hdd3] - (see pic), in it's file browser.

Cool! smile.gif

Now, since I figured out how to do this, I can have a variety of any folders appear in the filebrowser.

EDIT: Now the ultimate test. I'm opening my 21,027 row x 3 column songlist (total 63,081 cells) *.xls file.
2 minutes passed and I cancelled it.
Now I'm enabling a 64mb swapfile in the cacko memory applet.
Trying my huge *.xls file again, 5 minutes passed.....
I cancelled it. I guess I'll have to stick to the "save as CSV" in Excel, and continue to use CSVview on my Zaurus for these files.
Darn, I was hoping to replace a lot of apps with this software.

EDIT2: I'm not sure why the above file won't open. I have Excel 97 and Word 97
I have heard there are problems with this version, that other versions don't have,
such as version 95, 2000, and above.
Using this file on a Palm, I was told there were probs with docs2go and '97 versions of MS Office.
So this may not be an issue with Picsel Browser. I need to find another version of
Office apps and re-save this file, and then try it again in Picsel.

EDIT3: Exported a CorelDraw file as PDF. This one has 4100 objects in it and many colors.
Opened it in Picsel, and it is basically a black & white silhouette with 60% or more of the details missing.
This image is "Huntress.cdr" I'm sure anyone who has worked with CorelDraw knows of this image.
Going to attempt a simpler image conversion from *.cdr to *.pdf and see if that works.

EDIT4: This is my final edit.
I found an old favorite CorelDraw image and converted it to two different formats.
(This was actually a *.wmf with an added object, that I removed, in CorelDraw).
I'll try to find an original CorelDraw file that hasn't been converted so much.
Some of the objects got seperated a little bit when converted from *.wmf to *.cdr
I opened both of these in Picsel Browser and did a screenshot.
Second one is *.pdf and third one is *.wmf
(these will be attached pics 2 and 3, first attachment is of the filebrowser)

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