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Full Version: Best Way To Backup?
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Ive now made a good cacko install with x/qt and debian and I want to test pdax and oBSD....
Ive made a normal backup from cacko but who about HD (x/qt,debian and some apps are in hdd4 ext part)? I thought somethink like
umount ... and tar... am I missing smthg?
OR a NAND backup? Will it take HD also?

QUOTE(DaemonsGR @ Mar 13 2006, 09:11 AM)

Have a look at
and search for "user data backup solution" (there are two such sections, old and new!)


Try this from Meanie's web site, it worked for me...

Since /hdd3 is quite large, you either need to get a big CF card, or mount a Samba or USB drive that has enough space to hold your data. A USB drive would be the best (cheaper than CF drive and faster than Samba since its connected directly and not over a network unless you have got a fast network).

Assuming you have your USB disk mounted as /mnt/usbdisk1 you could do the following to backup /hdd3:

# tar cf - /hdd3 | gzip - > /mnt/usbdisk1/hdd3-backup.tgz

If you are paranoid you can backup /hdd1, /hdd2 and /home as well:

# tar cf - /hdd1 | gzip - > /mnt/usbdisk1/hdd1-backup.tgz
# tar cf - /hdd2 | gzip - > /mnt/usbdisk1/hdd2-backup.tgz
# tar cf - /home | gzip - > /mnt/usbdisk1/home-backup.tgz
# tar cf - /root | gzip - > /mnt/usbdisk1/root-backup.tgz
# tar cf - /mnt | gzip - > /mnt/usbdisk1/mnt-backup.tgz

The Zaurus backup tool basically shuts down Qtopia so all open files are closed and then tars up /hdd2 and /home which become the backup image. This is much safer than the above approach while Qtopia is still running. You should, however, gzip the backup image to save some space. There is no real need to backup /hdd1 each time since it is a read-only partition and does not change unless you have changed something on it manually or applied an update via flashing.

I have written a script called hdbackup which will backup /hdd3 by archiving and compressing each directory separately and datestamping them so regular backups can be made by simply running a single command.
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