Just recovery from my recent HDD1 error, then I tried to switch to Cacko, since it provides more features and better English support. But I have found some problems on my Z, which was never happen previously on Sharp 1.0 Rom.
1. SD driver issue, I have put one SD card formatted as swap, thus I can use swapon directly to enable it, but in the driver initialization, it will print lots of cmd status lines, it seems to be harmless, but it's annoying.

2. Unknown hang issue, this happened one or two times, I cannot describe precisely, it seems to be: a) I installed some software, and try to run it. It switched to the so called "magnify" mode, then it hangs, this happened when I installed the qpdf 2.30 against qpdf 2.21 without uninstalling it in command line using ipkg, then I can do nothing but remove the battery and place it back. cool.gif I was playing video with Kino, plug my headphone into the socket, it hangs again.

3. Unknown repeat restart QPE: I installed some software or run the vnc server on the Z, then when I clicked on the suspend button, the QPE will quit and showing it was couting in restarting QPE, then it will go to the state on and on, never finish.

I'm not sure whether this kind of issue is common or not, maybe there are some problems with my microdrive, I suspect this may be the root cause, since previously, it has been quite stable for 6 months. sad.gif

Any comments or help? Thanks.