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Full Version: Setting Up A Z As An Access Point
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I was musing about setting up my Z as a wireless access point so I could gateway through it (using the GPRS data card)... and wondering if anyone had tried this.

A friend suggested this link: but was wondering how much of the work had already been done in Cacko 1.23-full-fat?

I was also thinking one could pretend to be a public hotspot ("honeynet") and see what turns up :-)
If your wifi card uses hostAP you can use the "master" mode to make it act as AP.
Search for a man page for "iwconfig" ex. ill need smthnk like:
iwconfig wlan0 mode master
+ ip forward to gprs

If you need more help on wifi/hostap just ask.. Ive setup lots of them for Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network.


PS: pgas awmn is waiting for you tongue.gif
Some other drivers support master mode too, i.e. ZyDAS ZD1211 drivers.
You'll probably need to use a CF card for the 802.11b connection. Historically HostAP has been weak (non existant?) with USB support, which kinda rules out using internal wifi on the 6000, as well as using a USB wifi dongle on the host port.

BTW, this would be a great way to establish a mesh network. Google for olsrd (or go to There's a good introductory article at:
(I've been wanting to try this out on pdaXrom... just need some time.)

thanks for tips. yeah, am using a prism 3 based CF card (Mercury/Zonet ZCF1100) with hostap drivers ('cos then I get working WPA).
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