I've got xbattle-ai working which is a damn fine realtime strategy game. (man page here).

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The panel menu provided uses tck/tk to enable easy setup of games. Tk on my c3000 was missing the link from wish8.4 so you'll need to;

cd /usr/bin
ln -s wish8.4 wish

there's also a shellscript in /usr/local/bin/xbattle.sh if you don't want overhead of having tcl/tk installed.

The ipk drops 2 readme files in /home/root cos there's a lot of options and settings to be played with if you want, it's very configurable smile.gif
Game works with AI or networked (although I haven't tested networking yet) - have a read of docs and manpage above.

There's a campaign option in the tk interface but the script can't find the files - they are installed so this will be easy to fix but I don't have the time right now (it's late & I've got to work tomorrow) so feel free to post a fix if you know tcl smile.gif
The tcl has however been tweaked to give a map that fits the zaurus well by default.

There are other campaigns/tutorial etc in /usr/local/bin/xb_* /usr/local/bin/gauntletCampaign and /usr/local/share/xbattle/
try them and/or read the docs to get these working.
There's also a sound package available which is 1.4mb of wav files... I'll package that up if anyone is interested.

This is my first ipk so please feel free to point out anything you might have done better.