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Full Version: New User's Problems
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Hi all

After running sharp rom for over an year on my 860 i got used to somethings with the cacko rom. I now have decided to try pdaxrom (1.1.0beta2) and am quite suprised by the speed increase (over x apps with xqt + debian). I also have been more or less able to find replacements for all the apps i used most in cacko rom except for the excellent opera and netfront browser. Dillo is not yet there wink.gif.

i however have some issues with pdaxrom and would like to know how people overcome these.

1. I installed many apps and libraries in the user mount as well as on my 1gb sd card. For these apps to work effectively i have to run ipkg-link mount at startup. This slows bootup times immensely. any workarounds?????? for eg atleast making the "/" mount the entire size of the flash ram.

2. Working with the CF slot freezes the zaurus. If i use CF cards, Bluetooth cards and WIFI cards extensively then more often than not the zaurus freezes. The only option then is to remove the battery and restart. It leads me to believe that the CF insert and eject routines are very buggy. Have others experienced such problems. This + problem 1 makes it very irritating to reboot often.

3. The pdaxrom sdk is only for linux and you need root access to install it. I have access to linux workstations at work but only user access. It could be useful to also supply a cygwin sdk. I am aware that i can use qemu to emulate a linux box but i cant afford the diskspace needed by a complete linux system.

I think till the CF slot problems are the most annoying especially it effectively needs a battery reset to resolve it.

From what I've read, the CF problem is new to Beta2, so will hopefully be stamped on pretty quickly.
I cannt make a swapfile under beta2.
Install firefox if you want a full featured browser, it takes a while to appear,
but works great under pdaXrom. The dillo browser, is very useful to quickly
open a simple HTML document however.
firefox is great but it doesnt have a fit to screen mode and often websites result in a horizontal scroll.
Firefox is however more useful than opera when it comes to some websites like webmail and online banking websites.

I hope the CF problems will be fixed soon
firefox fits screen just fine, it's a matter of configuring your WM.

As far as CF issue goes, try to revert to old Sharp's sdmmc driver.
QUOTE(albertr @ Mar 15 2006, 02:55 PM)
firefox fits screen just fine, it's a matter of configuring your WM.

i didnt mean firefox fitting the screen i meant a webpage fitting the screen (no horizontal scroll bars while browsing)

As far as CF issue goes, try to revert to old Sharp's sdmmc driver.

hmmm are the CF problems caused by the SD driver??
can i just use the sharp sdmmc driver for the sharp rom since i think it only exists in binary form.
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