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Full Version: I killed it
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I just got a new zaurus 5500 and tried to flash the new open zaurus rom on it from my cf card. This didn't work I think because I can't read! ok I can read but I missed the very important note to change the file name to zImage.bin. Any way now I get nothing. I have turned my new zaurus in to a very nice paper weight! I can't trun it on, I can't use the d+c+reset or d+m+reset functions. When I plug it into the charger the charing light comes on but goes away shortly there after. If I hit the reset button it will come back on on but goes off again. I am at a loss. Please save my zaurus!
Overall, flashing is fairly safe. I've messed it up a time or two, but it's easy to fix.

If you have access to a CF card reader plugged into your desktop system, you can re-name your zImage and then try again.
One problem I encountered is that Windows likes to "intellegently" handle file extension for you, so it seems it will appear to be renamed to "zImage" but it actually keeps the ".bin" extension. This obviously isn't a problem on a Linux desktop. You might try it from a DOS prompt too.
You should be able to rename the zImage.bin file and reflash. When you flash with a new zImage.bin and/or initrd.img file, it doesn't touch the part of the rom that actually performs the flash (unlike flashing with an OSPACK file). Therefore, you should be fine after fixing the filename (I've screwed this type of flash many times, and never had a problem recovering).
Try doing a "D + P +reset", you should get a utility menu. Go to the third page (hit right button 2 times), and I think option 7 is to do an update from CF. As long as you get this menu, you should be able to recover.
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