Lo folks,

I have a SL-5500 here and I have owned it since November 2005 (got it off eBay)...

It's sad to say that the audio just isn't loud enough (the only time you can hear the music being played out of the headphone jack comfortably is in the dead of the night). Also when the volume is at 85% or over it begins to crackle.

Now myself and a couple of friends of mine thought it was the headphone stereo jack on the PCB. I have taken that off the pcb and used my headphones wires directly on the PCB - suffice to say I get the same issue, so it must be the chips.

My zaurus is in perfect condition apart from that I have removed the headphone jack (which can be put back on). If someone needs replacement parts I am willing to arrange something, but what I am in most need of is getting my zaurus to work (i.e. I need a replacement main board).

So if anyone out there has a zaurus with (for example) a broken screen... I want it!!!!
OR!!! If you need some of my parts then I am listening (and I'll put whatever I get from that to a new PDA of my own)

OR OR!!! If you have any ideas on how to solve my audio issue or even what else could be causing it - I am listening tongue.gif


p.s. My E-mail is s.maddox@cyorxamp.info if you would prefer to get in touch with me more directly.