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Full Version: Price Of A 860 In Japan?
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Hi all,

Does anyone know why the price of C860 in pricejapan is even higher than C3100/3200 ? ohmy.gif
because they're back-order not-stocked items which have to be bought from Sharp specially (presumably for people who want the 860's specific hardware?)??
Hi Srono,

the SL-C860 is out of production and sold out since March 2005.
So it looks like a "Zombie-Listing" for me. Some shop with an old
price and a forgotten hight-priced unit that still lists it on the internet.

The unit may be new in the meaning of unused, but will be at least
12 months old.


Marc Stephan
Funnily enough in Japan shops the 860 is more expensive......

I think sharp made a massive amount of 1000s myself...flooded the market with em.
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