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Full Version: Qwidgetstack
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I am using the QWidgetStack to create a sideBar element in my program which can change on context - a context sensitive changing sideBar menu element.

So I am adding widgets into the WidgetStack and them calling the widgetStack control in the main screen. On the desktop - this method works fine and I can raiseWidgets as needed to the front.

But on the Zaurus, the whole widgetStack control doesnt show up at all.
There are no errors when using QWidgetStack on Qt/E, but nothing shows at all.

What is heppening here ?Is the QWidgetStack implementation the same in QT/E as in QT.

Code sample as below
class controlWidgets(QWidgetStack) :
def __init__(self,parent = None,name = None):

if name == None:


self.widgetMain = controls(self) # control is the main widget class
self.widgetLocal = controlLocal(self) #controlLocal is a local widget

in the main section I call controlWidgets as below
self.sideBar = controlWidgets(self)

I have read on other threads that the QWidgetStack on QT/E has a bug - is this the reason for the non-visibility of the WidgetStack control on the Zaurus ?
Sorry guys... found the solution - was a bit foolhardy in not trying it earlier.

I seems on QT/E on the Zaurus you need to give an explicit raiseWidget call after defining and populating the WidgetStack to show the first widget.
Otherwise nothing shows up at all - just a blank stack.

On the desktop (regular QT) however an explicit raiseWidget call is not required. Just calling the widgetStack control with the widgets added to it will show the index 0 widget by default.

So that was what stumped me at first.
Hi. Just as curiosity... have you tried to use python and mysql working together at the zaurus?

I was wondering if this could be a good GUI solution for some apps I need to do with DB support.


Neto G
Hi netog,

I haven't yet tried Python with MySQL, but I am sure it should work.

There is a MySQL module for python so that one can easily make calls to the database. So far I have used very small datasets and have strored them as XML files rather than a full-blows database.

for more on MySQL module...

I think Python with PyQT makes a very good GUI based application tool.
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