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Full Version: Fuse Filesystem In Userspace
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Anyone got working Fuse filesystem on Z.
They write that you need kernel >2.4.21 but some lower releases may work. Is it worth to try it?
I don't have installed crosscompile kernel devel environment so I am lazy to do it if it won't work :-)
it doesn't work out of the box with 2.4.18, I don' t know with 2.4.20
QUOTE(pgas @ Mar 21 2006, 12:46 PM)
it doesn't work out of the box with 2.4.18, I don' t know with 2.4.20

Silly question time:

does the fuse package in the main feed work?

If it doesn't work, what is it doing in the feed? There doesn't seem to be anything else in the feeds that one could test fuse with (ie there are no fuse enabled programs).

I had wanted to compile gphotofs but that requires the fuse headers, which are not available in the feeds. Is there a secret place on the pdaXrom website where sashz keeps header files for all the various libs? smile.gif

-- cheers
it perhaps works but a lot of filesystem needs version > 2
That fuse doesn't work in the feed (according to Sashz). I was told he played with his Siemens phone and used it but it's not good for anything nowadays. I tried to compile Fuse 2.x because I wanted sshfs and smbfs but got stuck with the parts connecting to the kernel. This is in harmony with the README that says in the 2.4.2 fuse release:

Linux kernel version 2.4.X where X >= 21 (some vendor kernels earlier
than this are also known to work).

If somebody is willing to backport it to 18/20, then it could work. dry.gif I'm not that kernel hacker type (yet).

I just came form our local Unix Users Group where someone gave a presentation on FUSE. Very slick! I'm impressed.
sshfs sure would be a nice addition to pdaXrom.
I wish I could help.
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