Hi Guys,

I was gearing up to make my pdaxrom 760 server to be a mail server that would allow me to send/receive mail on the 3100 (using bluetooth phone) in a more secure environment. At least more secure than my ISP's clear text.

I was planning on using:

fetchmail - to get mail from ISP
procmail - deliver mail to mbox
courier with tls - ssl pop mail to 3100
nomail - perl script in place of sendmail to relay mail back to ISP

I would move in a heartbeat to 3.5.4 gpe if I knew there were equivalents in the feed (I only saw fetchmail and I don't know what alternative programs to look for) or that the packages (I believe they are for the sharp rom) I do have would work on openzaurus.

BTW is ntpd included in the ntp packages?