I was wondering if anyone knows which drivers to use for qtopia-core-4.1.1 (Trolltech's new name for qt-embedded-4.1.1) for the keyboard and mouse. I was able to cross-compile it and get it to work on my C1000, but the keyboard and mouse don't work.

The options for the keyboard driver are:
Possible values for <driver>: [ sl5000 tty usb yopy vr41xx ]

The options for the mouse driver are:
Possible values for <driver>: [ pc bus linuxtp yopy vr41xx ]

I tried vr41xx for both keyboard and mouse but that didn't work. The default mouse driver is pc, and that didn't seem to work either. It wouldn't compile the yopy drivers, it failed complaining it didn't have linux/yopy_button.h .

When I say keyboard and mouse don't work, what I mean is that hitting the touchscreen did nothing, wouldn't move the mouse cursor at all. As for the keyboard, hitting keys "worked" but the mapping was all mixed up. Any ideas?