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kchmviewer 3.1-2

compiled with -mcpu=xscale -mtune=iwmmxt

Project page:

Download: kchmviewer 3.1-2
And for my 1000th post, I present Sylpheed 2.4.2 for 2.4.x kernels!
DM9601 module for kernel 2.6.16. Just untar it, copy it to /lib/modules/2.6.16/kernel/, run depmod, and 'modprobe dm9601'

I haven't tested this yet as my USB to ethernet adapter is dismantled, but it should work.
strace - very useful for tracing system problem...

see next post for fixed/updated pidgin
Aircrack-ng 0.9.1 for pdaXrom latest. May work on other versions, but no guarentees. Requires patched HostAP kernel, found in the "how to compile modules?" thread. The other stuff found in that thread is recommended.
Geany 0.11- Lightweight IDE. Supports many languages. For pdaXrom latest.
Firestarter 1.0.3 (iptables GUI config tool), for pdaXrom latest.

Requires the junk.tar.gz file from the "how to compile modules?" thread.
FLTK 1.1.7. If I posted a version of this already, that one (apparently) was somehow broken. This one works fine. Includes Fluid and headers. For pdaXrom latest.
fixed pidgin 2.0.2 for beta3/pdaXii13
After a lot of mucking around with the older pdaxrom-builder stuff I finally got a working kernel toolchain going, and compiled a couple of modules for beta3/pdaXii13:

/lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/fs/udf.o - for reading UDF format discs from a usb-connected dvd drive - just don't expect to be playing DVD video though. biggrin.gif

/lib/modules/2.4.20/kernel/drivers/usb/dm9601.o - If your dongle is recognised by your current driver there's no need to change to this one. But a few USB device id's are missing from Meanie's pdaXii13 build of this driver, including the one from my dongle. Originally I got around it by hex-editing the original driver and replacing another ID with mine, but the result wasn't exactly releasable biggrin.gif If you got a "USB device X (vend/prod 0xXXXX/0xXXXX) is not claimed by any active driver" error in dmesg with the old driver and the device ID is one of 0x0a46:0x6688, 0x0a46:0x0268, or 0x0a46:0x0668 then this build should sort you out.

Make sure to do a "depmod -a" after installing either of these.
Ratpoison 1.4.1 and FVWM2 2.4.20, both for pdaXrom latest, neither tested.
pidgin 2.0.2 (SSL support)

finch 2.0.2 (SSL support)
EvilWM* 1.0.0 with a few Z tweaks. For pdaXrom latest.

Maximize: ctrl+alt+down
Maximize vertically: ctrl+alt+up
Next window: ctrl+alt+m

I think those are all of the changes...

*Very light, fast, and small WM.

EDIT: I'm going to start a new thread with a version further enhancements. You can use this one at no loss if you don't use Wlanconfig2-2.
d4x is a X based download manager. build for pdaXii13 and beta3

this one been hacked so it won't crash. the downside is that you won't get logs unless you run it in cli mode.
Notecase 1.5.8

ScummVM 0.10.0

Beware that in some games you might encounter garbled cursor, while loading save from previous version. This bug was reported to the scummvm development team, and was confirmed on other platforms too. If you start the game from the beginning, everything will be fine. Also - save games are not backwards compatible! They cannot be loaded from 0.9.x or lower.
Epdfview 0.1.6 for pdaXrom latest.
Justreader 2.2.0 for pdaXrom

hacked source from Yonggun
system Package upgrade
Application update.

Pidgin special veriosn for QQ

Only zh_CN translation include
Sonata 1.2.1

Lightweight MPD client.

Built to replace my sonata 1.0.1 version in the repository. Works with all the requirements of the previous one.
Gimmix 0.4.1

Really lighter than sonata (Sonata uses python). Looks a bit uglier at all but it works fast.

you may need this too:

Built for beta 3 (works on my heavily customized, cannot tell on stock one). If you have missing dependencies or sth is not working, update from my repository (backup first of course).
Reminiscence 0.1.9

Compiled newest version, available since march smile.gif the previous one was from year 2005, so this is quite newer.

It have already applied patch for full screen. The icon from the menu also starts it in full screen.
Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid 1.07

It's kinda slow without tweaking the settings and over clocking.

But works great here with the following in mind:

over clocked to 624mhz, sound to mono, gore off, preferably X turned off (you don't have mouse then, but not a big problem)

GIMP 2.2.17
The GNU Image Manipulation Program.

SQLite 3.4.1
Fast local database engine

All built on my customized beta3 - this means it may or may not run on stock beta 3/ r198. No specific kernel dependencies.
Enigma 1.0.1

I'm continuing to add some games ... is it obvious that I'm preparing for vacation?
Tecnoballz 0.91

Kinda slow without overclocking. Sound can be disabled with --nosound parameter.

Can also be speed improved if run in 320x240 mode and with zoomed in screen.
GNUdoku 0.93

depends on gtkmm:

PowerManga 0.80

Well, kinda not playable in 640x480. Too slow. Try --320 as parameter, should be ok without overclocking.
Pidgin 2.1.0

UFRaw 0.11

depends on lcms -

and the rest of my gtk libraries most probably smile.gif

did you delete or move the file below?

I can't find it anymore!

Flobopuyo 0.20

plays really nice, no slowdown here. If it's kinda slow for you, turn off the music and leave the sfx only smile.gif

jzIntv 1.0b3 by request

tested with games from

for easier work, I have script jzintvx which is better for running under X in 640x480 (some parameters, including the roms path).

the .bin files in /usr/share/jzintv/ , executable binaries in /usr/share/jzintv/bin, but there is a symlink to /usr/bin/jzintv
zbedic 1.2

Compiled and packaged zbedic 1.2 desktop version. Made it under beta1 with zgcc-3.4.6.

Depends: sqlite
Full Python 2.5.1. For pdaXrom latest.
nmap 4.20 with frontend
libpcap 0.8.1
Wesnoth 1.3.4
Freeciv 2.1.0-beta4

All for pdaXrom latest and in my feed (see my sig).
GnGeo 0.7 - NeoGeo emulator. Built it and tweaked the key bindings for the Z.

Keys are modified for Zaurus ease. I removed the F keys that were hard to type in console smile.gif If you don't like the keys, change in .gngeorc. Most important:

A   B   C   D   Start Coin    Reset Screenshot Show keycodes Show frames Save Load
D   F   A   S   Space Enter   1     2          4             5           8    9

I strongly recommend running under plain console - the speed improvement is big. No overclocking was needed while I tested it out.

: The following is a BIOS for the console, you are violating the law if you don't own the original console. It can be found anywhere on the net, I simply packaged it for easy installation under pdaXrom:

I run it like this:
gngeo /path/to/  --p1joydev=/dev/js0

This runs great with Joystick attached to the USB port

If you don't want to type always the parameters, tweak your .gngeorc file. There is a sample in /usr/share/gngeo ( beware that the key bindings in the example may not be zaurus-friendly ).

Patch for the changes, if anyone interested:
Freetype 2.3.5, libfox 1.6.28, and xfe 1.00, all for pdaXrom latest. Libfox is necessary to use xfe, and Freetype may be.

Xfe has themes in /usr/share/xfe/icons that you can remove to save space.
Xournal 0.4

Xournal is an application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal using a stylus.
ChangeLog 0.4:
This release adds a text tool (handles most TrueType and Type1 fonts) and font selection dialog and button; keyboard mappings (arrow keys); menu mnemonics and shortcuts; and a more responsive hand tool. There is a bugfix for GTK+ 2.11 XInput behavior, and various minor bugfixes and enhancements.

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
Sylpheed 2.4.4 for pdaXrom latest.
Claws Mail 2.10.0 & libetpan 0.52 (Claws Mail dep), both for pdaXrom Latest.

These have not been tested, and Claws Mail has the headers for building plugins.
Cellwriter- Handwriting recognition app, for pdaXrom Latest.
ELinks 0.11.3 for pdaXrom Latest. It will be up in my feed shortly.
Alepn One 20070819 (or v0.18.1) for pdaXrom latest. It'll be up in my feed soon.
Many, many packages, all for pdaXrom latest. Among them (all packages have the development stuff in them) :


EDIT: They're all in my feed, and are still uploading, so if a package isn't available, wait a bit then try again.

EDIT2: Aleph One wasn't new
Following Capn_Fish's example, recompiled the latest SDL versions for beta3 - my modified version.

SDL packages

the packages are in named with sdl* , and the -devel packages are there too, they are separated.

Pidgin 2.1.1

Compiled the latest version, please check if it works with encrypted SSL, haven't got the time to do it myself.

Transmission 0.81

Compiled the latest lightweight GTK torrent client that I use on Z.

Rox 2.6.1

Compiled it too, works great on my setup, don't know about yours. Differences from 2.6 are mostly small bugfixes. Nothing major.

Compiled a week ago, but not announced:

Tasks 0.11

Contacts 0.7

Cmake 2.4.7

Dosbox 0.72

Hopefully should have fixed the unsync stulys to mouse pointer, but I'm not sure for everything. I just saw in simfarm it's ok. Also maybe unsync while at screen borders.

Pidgin ICQ icons

Install this _after_ pidgin. It replaces default icons with ICQ-like ones. I did this package because didn't liked them.
I just installed your "Transmission 0.81" ipk but nothing happens when I start it.

When I start it via commandline "transmissioncli" it gives me the manual how to use it. I thought that it has a graphical frontend!?


SL-C3100 & pdaXii13 v5.4.7
@ kkazakov13: Can you update "Packages" file from pidgin_2.1.0 to pidgin_2.1.1 please......Thanks
@ kkazakov13: For "Transmission 0.81" do I need your SLD Packages?

Transmission 0.81 depends on a lot of my updated packages. gtk, pango, cairo, so on, can't tell at the moment. I decided that will no longer produce packages for the unmodified beta3, as there are LOT that simply cannot be compiled for such old package versions AND besides this - my beta3 IS customized, which means that for me to compile anything, i have to install plain beta3, which is unacceptable for me. Have to work with it.

Transmission's GTK front-end is called transmission-gtk. Run it through console and if you cannot manage to fix the errors, please PM me, so we don't flood here.

Pidgin WORKS on my modified beta 3, not pdaxii13 - I don't use it. If any errors - please tell me what you get, so we can solve it.
GPicView 0.1 for beta 3 (well, at least with my gtk2/glib2 libs)
(by request)

I hacked it a bit, so it opens maximized, because otherwise it could not fit the screen

if you want to open image on click with it (at least in Rox filer), change the file


and replace gqview with gpicview
Sakura 1.2.1
Terminal emulator with tabs and menu with basic options. Depends on GTK and VTE.
It's my first contribution. Yeaaaaaaaaaah
It's stripped but not optimized as I don't know how to do it. There were no configure script but a 0 script instead so zconfigure-optimized did not apply.
However, it loads as fast as aterm.
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