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Full Version: Adjusting Cxx00 Contrast
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Ok, I spent quite some time trying to find some relevant information about changing Zaurus contrast. I failled. So here I'm smile.gif

First, I found Zaurus screen very nice but after a while I found it also not very contrasted. As far as I can see it is not very linear. Dark on white is good, but light gray on white is nearly impossible to see. Changing backlight level don't help.

I'm using pdaXrom, so my first question is : does anyone have this problem with the original rom ?

During my search I undertood that pxafb driver is in charge of managing framebuffer system for pxa270 cpu. I downloaded sources but no luck, nothing about contrast or gamma corection.

So Doe's anyone know if there is a way to change this contrast level ? I feel impossible that this device don't have one. Or perhaps it is possible to hack the pxafb driver in order to make real time gamma correction?

Thanks for you answers, I feel a bit in the dark with my too bright screen ;-)
Well not some much luck with answers ;-) Heres some picture of the problem to have better idea. First is Zaurus, second and my desktop lcd panel.

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
I read somewhere, I think in the pdaXrom subforum that there are settings in the
maintenance menus for screen settings.
Do a search for "flicker"
There is a thread about screen flicker. If I recall correctly, there are 2 different settings.
These settings use numbers to change the settings.
Someone in the thread mentioned that while trying to reduce screen flicker,
he found a setting for brightness/contrast.
I may be wrong. I read this 3 months ago.
And be sure you know what you're doing when accessing the maintenance menus.
You can "Brick" your 'Z' in those menus.
I claim no responsibility for anyone who bricks their Z in the maintenance menus.
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