Dear all,

Has anyone managed to install GPE onto a SL-5500, or any other Zaurus, which already has 3.5.4/Opie installed?

I tried following the instructions on the OpenZaurus for 3.5.3/Opie, but run into various problems...

1. Once again gpe-base-depends complains that diet-x11 does not exist. I gather from some other posts that diet-x11 is provided by libX11, or perhaps one of those xserver packages, but who knows? I installed with forced depends.

2. Installing gpe-base-depends results in too many errors to count...

a. problems with pango (I think pango-query-modules wanted
b. gdk-pixbuf-loader-xpm (and -png and -jpeg) complain they can't create some files in the post-installation scripts because /etc/gtk-2.0 does not exist. I created the directory manually, then they complained that some other component of gdk-pixbuf was missing.
c. libesd0 could not be installed because osso-esd also owned /etc/esd.conf

Despite these problems, gpe started when I re-started my Zaurus after a shutdown. Difficult to manage at first, because Opie had also started up, and both Opie and GPE were trying to grab the screen and the input. Eventually, I managed to shutdown Opie and am now enjoying GPE.

Well, I can't really expect to enjoy GPE until I know all the components are successfully installed!

Cheerio, David.